Translational & Clinical Research Course Committee

Compared to fields such as oncology, cardiology and diabetes and metabolism, the clinical neurosciences currently lack well-established pathways for providing this kind of training for fellows and junior faculty.  The principal charge to the Translational and Clinical Research Course (TCRC) Committee is to plan a bi-annual or periodic course focusing on the development of young clinical neuroscientists interested or engaged in translational or clinical research.  The course is distinct from the NINDS/University of Rochester Clinical Research Course, which is designed to focus on middle-stage clinical trials.  The two to three-day (approximately) course will engage selected residents, research fellows, and junior faculty members in an overview of the development of therapies, biomarkers, and devices for neurological diseases.  Most participants will be clinician-scientists from neurology (or neurosurgery) and most will not have already developed long-term research programs or funding, but they should have declared intentions to work in this field.  We would anticipate that the course would attract junior faculty, fellows or graduating residents.



Anthony Kim, MD, MAS 
2015 - 2019
University of California, San Francisco  


Laura Balcer, MD, MSC
2017 - 2019
NYU Langone Medical Center              


Jeff Loeb, MD, PhD           
2015 - 2019
University of Illinois

Richard O'Brien, MD, PhD             
2015 - 2019
Duke University

Kevin Sheth, MD
2017 - 2020
Yale University

Lawrence Wechsler, MD
2017 - 2020
University of Pittsburgh